Do SEO correctly

Many people are so ready to pronounce the death of search engine optimisation (SEO) but it is far from dead.

In fact, I have found out that done properly and correctly, it can contribute to the long term success of a website and obviously it will pay dividends to any business that is prepared to invest in  doing SEO to their website.  My research tells me that it has become more difficult to do optimisation of your website due to the amount of incorrect information being bandied about.

What is really important is to look at your website and all of its content.

Some of the things that are important are site structure, keywords, response time.  Has your site been properly structured?  Have you written good, interesting and valuable content so that the visitors to your website find the information useful and not only stay on to read and digest the information but also to send a link to your website to their friends?  Over the years, search engines, the biggest now being Google have become better at identifying and knowing the difference between the good and the bad sites and the links that go these sites and have changed and made algorithmic changes which have penalised bad websites.  Search engines have become better and better at picking out the authoritative from the spammy sites in their race to gain supremacy and favour in the eyes of users.  Search engines know that if they do not serve up good results to user searches, the user will use a different search engine to search the internet.

However that’s not all though.  Good SEO practitioners like SEO Sydney Agency are those that provide a valuable service to help websites and business owners demonstrate their expertise, authority and trustworthiness.  This SEO Sydney Consultant takes the trouble to regularly keep the public updated about important news and tips and information on its Facebook and LinkedIn and their other social media sites that they maintain to keep you and I abreast with all of the important things about SEO so that we can spend more time on our services and products to ensure that so that our all important customers can be better served again and again.

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What Is SEO and What Are the Benefits

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the proactive process of improving a website’s visibility/ranking on a search engine’s unpaid outcomes. The unpaid outcomes that one gets from search engines are technically referred to as “organic”, “earned”, or “natural” results. With all business operations shifting to the internet, virtually every keen marketer has embraced SEO as the ultimate Holy Grail for successful sales promotion. Some websites like 10SEOs rate companies who assist businesses with this advertising strategy. Keep reading to discover the top 5 benefits of SEO.

1. Wider Exposure/Brand Awareness

Doing Search Engine Optimization the right away improves your Google rankings – enabling potential punters to know your business name and get to know your products. You may have very fantastic products, but you will never get them known to likely consumers until you undertake a far-reaching brand awareness campaign. As such, only SEO would make you beat the super competitive scramble for internet space and effectively popularize your products to a widespread clientele.

2. Increased Sales

An increasingly multiplying number of potential buyers shop online. Therefore, SEO marketing tactics help you take your products right into your potential customers’ bedrooms and lounges.

3. Amplified Traffic

Having top placement on a search engine such as Google is like keeping your shop customers perpetually at your door steps. By appropriately incorporating the targeted keywords, SEO drives a large number of interested individuals to your webpage.

4. Cheaper Marketing

Compared to other more expensive and complicated sales promotion methods, search engine optimization is a far more cost-effective and less intricate marketing approach. While prime space in a newspaper or widely circulated magazine costs a fortune and yet provides temporary returns on investment, Vancouver SEO is the ultimate way to promote your brand without breaking the bank.

5. Search Engine Compliance

Embracing is a hassle-free marketing strategy that helps you give search engines whatever they want while taking what you want at the same time. For any tech newbie out there, search engines rely on spider-like mechanisms to scour your site. In this complex process, these engines access the HTML code that sustains the functionality of your site. As search engines gain entrance into your coding, they can use your unique website ciphers to index and rank your content.

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Top 5 Implications of Google’s New Mobile-Friendly Algorithm

The groundbreaking news about Google finalizing its move into the table-turning mobile friendly algorithm caught many online content gurus ill-prepared. Whether or not you like it, ‘Mobilegeddon’ is now upon us. Instead of whining over the challenges brought by this dynamic technological reality, it is more prudent to acquaint yourself with its technical implications. As such, this article highlights Mobilegeddon’s most notable effects on the website. Read further to discover the top 5 implications of the recently unveiled Google mobile friendly.

1. Affects Smartphones Alone

Now that the new Google mobile-favorable algorithm has caused unwarranted fears and speculations since its inception late 2015, it would be helpful to understand that the novel move affects Smartphones alone. As such search outcomes on tablets, laptops, and desktops have remained completely unaffected. Nonetheless, the sizable impact of this update cannot be taken lightly since more than 50% of global web searches – as Vancouver SEO Agency puts it – are conducted on mobile phones.

2. Website Operators Were Given 2 Months to Adjust Accordingly

The much-hyped falsehood that Google imposed Mobilegeddon on unsuspecting users is a blatant lie. Whereas this grace period is not always mandatory, the giant company felt that it was remarkable leniency was necessary to give website operators ample time to shield themselves against the far-reaching consequences that the key shift was set to trigger.

3. Mobilegeddon Changes Aren’t Easy

Since most individuals rely on Google to relay traffic to their websites, the mobile-friendly update has brought some nasty changes. Given the eye-peeling fact that well over 60% US online marketers rely on Google, many users have been forced to quickly adopt the mobile lenient algorithm works – and this has not been very easy for some of them.

4. Websites May Adjust on the Fly

Unlike other mean Google tweaks that have previously required complicated adjustment processes, the nicest thing about Mobilegeddon is that existing websites have the opportunity to adapt on the fly. This means that sites may switch to “mobile –friendliness” whenever they choose by themselves or with the help of a Vancouver SEO Specialist

5. Non-compliant Sites Still Get Online Placement

Since Google uses numerous criteria to rank websites, website operators who can’t switch to the newly introduced algorithm still enjoy some placement on the web. Mobilegeddon is just one of the many considerations that determine your online visibility. Failure to comply thus doesn’t ban your appearances on the internet.

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Freedom is such a big word for anyone that is experiencing it for the first time. Freedom in the physical and spiritual sense and in your thoughts.

Freedom in how you conduct your relationships whether they be in your life or in your business.

Seeing how life is such a huge topic, let’s take the smaller of the 2 topics and talk about business first. It seems to me that the internet has now opened up endless possibilities for people. Not a day goes by that I do not get an email or see something pop up on my screen literally screaming at me about how much money they are making online.

The fact that you are reading this online already should cause you to stop and think that perhaps there is something you may want to look into.

You might ask – well where shall I begin?

Here are some tips:

Step 1

Do you currently have a business but don’t have a website? Build one. If you don’t have one how are you going to market your business or products and how will your business grow?  Every business person knows that there must be growth in every business or it will die.

Even people who do not have a business have a website. It could be bloggers like me. You never know what you can do with your website. Good heavens, you might even be able to make money with it!

Anyway, ask a web designer who know about good web design, to do one for you. Ask them what they are going to use to build it for you. One of the best to use is WordPress. This seems to be favoured by the Google search engines.

Step 2

Google optimise your website. What do I mean? Optimising your website is an important part of ensuring that your business can be found. If you can do this successfully, you will get traffic to your website. However this is such a complicated topic, you will need an expert in search engine optimisation to help you. They can be found everywhere but and I would caution you some of them are not what they say they are. Some of them will kill your website instead of help it. Check out Sydney SEO Expert if you are looking for help.

Step 3

Build social profiles and use them as well to promote your business.

Once you get started, the going may be tough at the beginning but once you get familiar with what to do it gets easier. But if you really have no time, ask the experts to take care of it for you. Look for a reliable one though and the best way to do that is to check out their credentials or see if they have testimonials that solid.

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Caring for Yourself

You need to take care of yourself as Oprah Winfrey says in the segment below – Only when you are full of yourself, do you have something to give.  Honor yourself.

When you honor yourself, you are honouring your Creator.  When you can honor yourself, you treat yourself better. Are you treating yourself well?

Pyschologists tell us that if we take care of ourselves and  our physical needs and we get enough rest and are not working and reaching the point of burning ourselves out, we will be able to make better decisions.

So when you start to feel stressed and fatigued, take stock and take a break.  Take a walk.  Have a nap. Take a holiday.

You will feel fresher after a break.

Pamper yourself.  Go for a massage.  Buy good skincare products.  Treat yourself to a good meal.  Spend time with a close friend.

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Caring for the Environment

What would fullness and abundance mean for you?  One of the things must include your physical environment.

Take for instance your home, if you do not take care to keep it clean and in good shape it is going to affect how you feel.  When you look around your home, do you feel that you are living in a dump or is the place clean and neat and pleasing to the eye.

I know it is a stretch to say that that same analogy applies to your environment as well.  But have you ever been to the beach and all you saw were rubbish, plastics and discarded items floating in the water?  How did that make you feel?

Care for the environment as well as protection of it will be of benefit to us as well as the other living things on this planet.  Remember the movie – Happy Feet and the character, Lovelace who had a plastic six pack ring around him?


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Gratitude is a powerful tool that each and everyone of us can use to give more meaning to our lives and to encourage people around us.

You might ask what do I have to be grateful for?

This video on gratitude that came about as a challenge to bloggers is just an example of what happens when you decide to look at the blessings in your life.


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Out of the Woods!

Out of the Woods and out from under the dark canopy of the forest!

Celebrate liberation from the darkness and things that have long weighed you down and held you back from living a life of fullness and abundance.

We will return shortly to help you on the road to recovery.

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