Freedom is such a big word for anyone that is experiencing it for the first time. Freedom in the physical and spiritual sense and in your thoughts.

Freedom in how you conduct your relationships whether they be in your life or in your business.

Seeing how life is such a huge topic, let’s take the smaller of the 2 topics and talk about business first. It seems to me that the internet has now opened up endless possibilities for people. Not a day goes by that I do not get an email or see something pop up on my screen literally screaming at me about how much money they are making online.

The fact that you are reading this online already should cause you to stop and think that perhaps there is something you may want to look into.

You might ask – well where shall I begin?

Here are some tips:

Step 1

Do you currently have a business but don’t have a website? Build one. If you don’t have one how are you going to market your business or products and how will your business grow?  Every business person knows that there must be growth in every business or it will die.

Even people who do not have a business have a website. It could be bloggers like me. You never know what you can do with your website. Good heavens, you might even be able to make money with it!

Anyway, ask a web designer who know about good web design, to do one for you. Ask them what they are going to use to build it for you. One of the best to use is WordPress. This seems to be favoured by the Google search engines.

Step 2

Google optimise your website. What do I mean? Optimising your website is an important part of ensuring that your business can be found. If you can do this successfully, you will get traffic to your website. However this is such a complicated topic, you will need an expert in search engine optimisation to help you. They can be found everywhere but and I would caution you some of them are not what they say they are. Some of them will kill your website instead of help it. Check out Sydney SEO Expert if you are looking for help.

Step 3

Build social profiles and use them as well to promote your business.

Once you get started, the going may be tough at the beginning but once you get familiar with what to do it gets easier. But if you really have no time, ask the experts to take care of it for you. Look for a reliable one though and the best way to do that is to check out their credentials or see if they have testimonials that solid.

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