Caring for the Environment

What would fullness and abundance mean for you?  One of the things must include your physical environment.

Take for instance your home, if you do not take care to keep it clean and in good shape it is going to affect how you feel.  When you look around your home, do you feel that you are living in a dump or is the place clean and neat and pleasing to the eye.

I know it is a stretch to say that that same analogy applies to your environment as well.  But have you ever been to the beach and all you saw were rubbish, plastics and discarded items floating in the water?  How did that make you feel?

Care for the environment as well as protection of it will be of benefit to us as well as the other living things on this planet.  Remember the movie – Happy Feet and the character, Lovelace who had a plastic six pack ring around him?


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