Top 5 Implications of Google’s New Mobile-Friendly Algorithm

The groundbreaking news about Google finalizing its move into the table-turning mobile friendly algorithm caught many online content gurus ill-prepared. Whether or not you like it, ‘Mobilegeddon’ is now upon us. Instead of whining over the challenges brought by this dynamic technological reality, it is more prudent to acquaint yourself with its technical implications. As such, this article highlights Mobilegeddon’s most notable effects on the website. Read further to discover the top 5 implications of the recently unveiled Google mobile friendly.

1. Affects Smartphones Alone

Now that the new Google mobile-favorable algorithm has caused unwarranted fears and speculations since its inception late 2015, it would be helpful to understand that the novel move affects Smartphones alone. As such search outcomes on tablets, laptops, and desktops have remained completely unaffected. Nonetheless, the sizable impact of this update cannot be taken lightly since more than 50% of global web searches – as Vancouver SEO Agency puts it – are conducted on mobile phones.

2. Website Operators Were Given 2 Months to Adjust Accordingly

The much-hyped falsehood that Google imposed Mobilegeddon on unsuspecting users is a blatant lie. Whereas this grace period is not always mandatory, the giant company felt that it was remarkable leniency was necessary to give website operators ample time to shield themselves against the far-reaching consequences that the key shift was set to trigger.

3. Mobilegeddon Changes Aren’t Easy

Since most individuals rely on Google to relay traffic to their websites, the mobile-friendly update has brought some nasty changes. Given the eye-peeling fact that well over 60% US online marketers rely on Google, many users have been forced to quickly adopt the mobile lenient algorithm works – and this has not been very easy for some of them.

4. Websites May Adjust on the Fly

Unlike other mean Google tweaks that have previously required complicated adjustment processes, the nicest thing about Mobilegeddon is that existing websites have the opportunity to adapt on the fly. This means that sites may switch to “mobile –friendliness” whenever they choose by themselves or with the help of a Vancouver SEO Specialist

5. Non-compliant Sites Still Get Online Placement

Since Google uses numerous criteria to rank websites, website operators who can’t switch to the newly introduced algorithm still enjoy some placement on the web. Mobilegeddon is just one of the many considerations that determine your online visibility. Failure to comply thus doesn’t ban your appearances on the internet.

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